Nea Skioni village is situated at the south-west part of Cassandra peninsula, 110km. from Thessaloniki.
It's a traditional village, built at the place of rare natural beauty, where you can compound the walks in the pine forest with the bathing in the sea. According to Thucydides Skioni village was built by Pillions from Peloponnesus peninsula during their return from Trojan War. Later the Athenians inhabited in the town of Platies. The former village of today's Skioni village was the mountain village Tsaprani, the inhabitants of which step by step inhabited the sea coast at the beginning of XX-th century.  The church of Saint Trinity remained from the old mountain village Tsaprani   to our days; there every year according to the ancient traditions they held a national festival attracting many participants. Besides the beauty of nature, another place of sightseeing is the church of the Virgin; situated 2 km. from the village. The church is decorated with XVI-th century fresco. One walk to the port and a visit to traditional Greek tavern with fresh fish dishes, of course, can delight and satisfy anybody. It's a place where you can perfectly rest and get your soul quietness.

Map of Chalkidiki
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